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We believe that in this business there are no secrets or shortcuts. We focused on 3 main components

In order to preserve this ability, we use an experienced professional technical manager who supervises and accompanies the process from the first stage of sowing to the final stage of packaging. Of course, GlobalOne and other accreditations certify all our manufacturers. We met our standards to match every local requirement that may be. From MRL to pesticides and conventional biological laboratory tests, we provide complete safety and high standards
In today's market, continuation and accuracy are key words for success. Our goal is to provide annual growth with an emphasis on quality and timing. With the help of our strategic partners, we now have the ability to ship goods directly from the farm to any market in the world within a 48-hour period of time. In addition to about 15 farms within the borders of the State of Israel, we also support a dozen more scattered in South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Ethiopia and India
We are fully aware of the fact that having an excellent product is barely enough. The corporate group of April & Enigma understands that service is, by all means, a significant part of the success. Therefore, we gladly provide excellent service to everyone and are available 24 hours a day
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